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Andrew Maykuth Online
News and photos by The Philadelphia Inquirer's Africa correspondent, updated frequently.
Last Checked : 2/24/2001 2:24:41 PM

Björns Home on the Web
Bjorn Pedersen is a top notch journalist based in South Africa.
Last Checked : 10/2/2000 12:25:08 PM

Cape Business News - South Africa Business
Cape online newspaper
Last Checked : 4/12/1998 7:08:01 PM - The Hottest Site in Town!
Date search engine, search on local & international sporting & non-sporting events and happenings
Last Checked : 6/2/2000 9:09:01 AM

Engineering News Online
Engineering News Online, is a unique 'real economy news' web-site. It is
Last Checked : 7/26/2001 6:35:19 PM

JULUKA Newsletter
SA Newsletter (from N. America)
Last Checked : 5/31/1997 10:40:26 PM

Mining Weekly Online
Mining Weekly Online, is updated daily with mining and related industry news
Last Checked : 7/26/2001 6:36:54 PM

News World
Africa's Biggest Online News Resource. News Search. Free custom news email alerts. Free custom news feeds for your web site. Blogs. Discussions. News comments
Last Checked : 4/30/2007 1:45:36 PM

South African News Online - Sport, Elections, Jobs, Travel, Weather. Afrikaanse nuus. Built in News and Web Search Modules.
Last Checked : 4/10/2009 9:59:33 PM

Philadelphia Inquirer Africa Bureau
Portal to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Africa bureau, based in Johannesburg.
Last Checked : 2/24/2001 2:26:56 PM