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ADSL Business Solution

Our ADSL Packages
500MB R 35.00
1GB R 62.00
2GB R 123.00
3GB R182.00
4GB R 240.00
5GB R 297.00
6GB R 353.00
7GB R 407.00
8GB R 461.00
9GB R 513.00
10GB R 564.00
11GB R 614.00
12GB R 663.00
13GB R 706.00
14GB R 756.00
15GB R 801.00
16GB R 833.00
17GB R 865.00
18GB R 929.00
19GB R 969.00
20GB R 1,009.00
25GB R 1,262.00
R 1,495.00

Telkom prices
Telkom installation

Telkom Product
   Analogue : R468.05


: R598.31

Telkom rental
HomeDSL 384 &
BusinessDSL 384
   384k download
   128k Upload
R152 p/month
HomeDSL 1024 &
BusinessDSL 1024
   1024k download
   512k upload
R299 p/month
HomeDSL 4096 &
BusinessDSL 4096
   4096k download
   512k upload
R413 p/month

Please Note:
Telkom will bill you for your ADSL line rental as well as for any voice and fax calls you make on this line.
Telkom prices are determined by Telkom and are subject to change without prior notice.  Bandwidth does not roll over to the new month.