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Your own identity on the World Wide Web

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  • What is a Domain Name?

    A domain is your unique identity on the Internet, which can be used for viewing web pages and/or sending and receiving e-mails. For example is a domain, which can be used for a web site It can also be used for e-mail, for example,

  • What's involved in getting my domain name registered?

    We have a domain registration process that you either initiate from our web site or through a printable order form that is faxed to us. Once we have received your application, the process can generally be completed within one business day.

  • Can I register more than one domain name?

    Domain names are only subject to availability. However, you should ensure that, the names you wish to register, are not in breach of anyone else's trademark.

  • Ideas for choosing a domain name

  • Try variations of the domain name. For example: If you want and it is not available, try the following:
  • Use only letters, numbers and/or hyphens ("-")
  • The domain name cannot begin or end with a hyphen
  • Try to keep your domain name short and easy to remember

  • How would I know if a domain name is available?

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  • Definitions of the most commonly used extensions: is not a restricted domain name extension. Most South African businesses register their domain name with this extension. They also try to register the .com domain name.

    .com or commercial is the most commonly used extension on the Internet. There are no restrictions provided the name is still available

    .net or network is generally used by Internet Service Providers or other companies directly involved in the Internet but is an unrestricted extension and anyone can register a .net domain name

    .org or organization is generally used when the primary focus of commercial organizations is non-commercial, such as: philanthropic and cultural institutions; foundations; health services; religious, civic, arts, social and fraternal organizations; social and legal services; clubs and community volunteer groups.


    Having a domain name you will require an initial registration fee and a monthly hosting fee.

    The following prices include 14% V.A.T Registration R228.00
    .com/.net/.org RegistrationR342.00
    .mobi Registration R342.00 Plus registrar costs Renewals yearly R114.00
    .com/.net/.org Renewals yearly R228.00
    .mobi Renewals yearly R228.00 Plus registrar costs Transfers R171.00
    .com/.net/.org Transfers R399.00
    .mobi Transfers R399.00 Plus registrar costs
    DNS hosting monthly charges R28.50